Zero Dark Thirty is upon us.


Zero Dark Thirty is a term used by military personnel to refer to a time when it is dark outside and either very late or very early.

The new film “Zero Dark Thirty” chronicles the intense hunt for the world’s most wanted and notorious terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, best known for her Oscar-winning contemporary war film “The Hurt Locker”, the movie follows CIA operative Maya (Jessica Chastain) from the September 11, 2001, trade center attack to the final days of her hunt for Bin Laden with the now infamous Seal Team Six.

Maya’s faith in her assignment and her own judgement bring she and her team to the edge as they scan the earth for the most un-liked guy in the world, ever.

Of course, Maya’s portrayal in the film is fictional, but recent news has brought some controversy around the film’s screenwriter and director.

According to the New York Daily News, “Investigators will examine whether the spy agency gave the filmmakers “inappropriate” access to secret material.” Did real CIA officials give the filmmakers access to secret information surrounding the true hunt and killing of Osama Bin Laden? Do they really torture suspected terrorists behind closed doors? Is this all a ploy to promote the film and make it seem more realistic than it really is? Is this real life?!

Yes. Yes, it is.

Come let your American flag fly and make freedom ring as you follow the ups and downs of the most important man hunt of our time at the Moviehouse & Eatery. While you may not be as badass as the real guys on Seal Team Six (or in as good of shape), you can definitely munch on some popcorn and pretend you’re one of the crew.