What does 42 mean to you?


42 is more than a number on the back of a jersey. It’s the story of Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman), alongside his wife Rachel Robinson (Nicole Beharie), and the history he made after signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. It’s the story of how he changed America’s view of baseball, and the story of the trials and tribulations he incurred to become one of the most successful and influential baseball players of all time. Academy Award nominee Harrison Ford stars as Branch Rickey, the Dodgers executive that signed Robinson.

This movie has received rave reviews, especially from those in the Major League Baseball industry, proclaiming that the movie captured Robinson’s story perfectly. Key players and MLB personnel were invited to attend advanced screenings, and many more players watched the movie during their spring training season. There’s a buzz surrounding this movie with social media sites being barraged with excellent reviews and mentions in support. Hash tags that read #It’sAMustSee, #JackieRobinson, and #Jackie42 are quickly flooding Twitter. Come join us at Moviehouse & Eatery for 42 and write a good review of your own!