We’re all about the best technology.


At the movie house we serve all of our customers on five tiers (hence the five colors in the top bar of the logo). They are: food, drinks, service, comfort, and technology. The one that often goes overlooked (unless you’re a movie nerd) is the technology piece. You may have thought that all movie theaters in Austin shared the same technology to display their films. Well, friend, you were wrong.

The Moviehouse and Eatery has some of the highest technical capabilities around town to display images and sound at their highest quality to ensure a fantastic experience. Seven of our theaters have a 3D capable projector and each of those has silver sheened screen that really makes images and colors pop compared to flat white. Our Digital Fusion Experience, or DFX theater, projects onto a three story screen. Three stories! It’s also fitted with the top of the line Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound, like all of our theaters, which creates four distinct sound zones within a theater! (Movie nerd moment. Sorry.) The DFX theater can also project images at 48 frames per second onto the screen. What does that mean? Well, let’s have a little movie trivia lesson here…

Before digital technology and often times still today films are shot on actual, well, film. Typically 35mm reels of film celluloid. Capturing images onto these frames at 24 frames per second is the standard because this frame rate feels the most natural to the human eye. Many filmmakers today argue that 48 frames per second is more pleasing to human vision and are beginning to shoot at that frame rate when shooting movies. One of the first big names to do this is Peter Jackson with “The Hobbit”. When it releases in December the movie house will be one of the few theaters in Austin capable of displaying the film as it was intended- at 48 frames per second and in 3D. Unofficially, Mr. Jackson also wanted you to see it with a soda and buttered popcorn from the moviehouse concessions stand. But that’s the unofficial word.

At the Moviehouse and Eatery we don’t always think sight and sound are enough senses when experiencing a movie. That’s why we brought in the big guns- the DBox seats. DBox seating brings you physically into the action of the movie with a full range of motion. So when the car squeals around a downtown street corner you’re suddenly riding shotgun and feeling every bump in the road and force in the turn. When that giant transforming jet fighter drops a load of bombs across the desert you feel the rumble and quakes of the explosions.

At the Moviehouse & Eatery we are tech nerds, but we are also just plain movie lovers. Come on by and test out our technology for yourself and experience the best. We’d love to have you. Technology is one of the many reasons why the Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery makes the movies better.