The Host


Will love outlast the future?

The uncertainty of the future is scary enough, but when it threatens the existence of humanity and the commitment of love, it provides for a great science fiction romance novel-turned-movie, very much different from the Twilight series, also written by Stephanie Meyer.

When an alien race known as the Souls come and invade the earth, using humans as their hosts, the humans do anything and everything they can to not be erased. In an attempt to save the ones she loves, Melanie, a human who is a part of the resistance, gets caught and occupied by a Soul named Wanda. As Melanie fights back for her body, their journey together proves complicated and unexpected, Wanda begins to have feelings for the free humans, changing her overall mission on earth, all while being hunted by a Seeker desperate to find the human resistance. Will the love of those who Melanie left behind be strong enough to overcome the circumstances? This thrilling and entangled journey for love and freedom is a must-see at Austin’s Moviehouse & Eatery. Read the book before you come, or simply show up and let yourself be surprised!

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