Rise of the Guardians tickets on sale now


Most of our visions of Santa Claus include the jolly old fellow bloated on cookies and milk waddling around the earth handing out gifts and cheer. Enter Peter Ramsey who got his start story boarding movies in the nineties and now turns our views of the mythical characters of childhood on their heads with his new feature “Rise of the Guardians”. Santa is a broad shouldered beast of a man with a heavy Russian accent and tattoos across his forearms (“Naughty” and “Nice”), while the Easter Bunny is a boomerang wielding rabbit from down under, and Jack Frost is a trouble making teen leaving everything in his wake iced over.

In “Rise of the Guardians” the mythical crew must come together to protect the children of the world from the evil spirit Pitch (voiced by Jude Law), who seems to be poisoning their dreams and imaginations with darkness. The rest of the cast includes Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Alec Baldwin as North (a.k.a. Santa), and Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny.

We are super excited at Moviehouse & Eatery to finally see “Rise of the Guardians”! This one is from the hands of Dreamworks Studio, which has produced some great animated films in the past like “Shrek” and “Madagascar”.

“Rise of the Guardians” opens this Wednesday, November 21st in Austin at the movie house and tickets are available online now. So have a family outing on Thanksgiving Day or avoid the shopping crowds on Black Friday at the movie house and eatery!