Parker wants revenge.


Jason Statham may be the millennium’s Steve McQueen. From working in the grey zone in the UK as a black market salesman to modeling for the French Connection to becoming a world renowned actor, Statham is a household name as an inherent badass. Typecast? Maybe. Best bad-good guy ever? Definitely.

Statham has starred as the unlikely hero in some of the Moviehouse & Eatery’s favorites like the Guy Ritchie crime films and “The Transporter” series as well as over-the-top action flicks like “Death Race” and “The Expendables”.

He stars in the new film, “Parker”, as a professional thief. After being double-crossed by his hit crew and left for dead on the side of the road Parker awakens in the hospital and vows revenge. Utilizing his sordid past and martial arts skills he hijacks the score of his old crew’s most recent heist with the help of the always lovely Jennifer Lopez.

Join the Moviehouse and Eatery at 620 and Concordia to see Statham wreck shop and save the day in cinema- again. He stars alongside America’s favorite Latina leading lady, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte, and Michael Chiklis of “The Shield” series fame.

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