Moviehouse & Eatery. It’s all in the name.


Moviehouse & Eatery. The name seems so simple now. It’s a place that plays movies and has food, right? But when we were first starting out with the Movie House and Eatery we were lost as to what the name should be. It had to be something all encompassing and clear as to what it was, yet unique and bold like the brand itself. Like most great ideas it turned out that it was the name that found us in the end.

So let’s break this thing down for a moment here. Moviehouse was the term used originally in the early days of cinema in conjunction with “movie theater” to describe the place where the public could go and see motion pictures. The term grew up with cinema, but seems to be less used in modern times. So we like to think we brought it back.

Why the ampersand? Sure we use Moviehouse and Eatery a little liberally too, but the logo is where the buck stops. So the ampersand brings a little bit of behind-the-scenes movie trivia into the mix. Often times in the opening credits of a film you’ll see the writers listed as either written by John Doe and Jane Smith or written by John Doe & Jane Smith. What’s the difference? The Writers Guild of America explains it like this: “the word ‘and’ designates that the writers wrote separately and an ampersand (‘&’) denotes a writing team.” That’s how it is at the Movie House & Eatery. The two arms of food and entertainment work together as a team to please our guests.