Identity theft has never been this entertaining.


It’s your worst nightmare.  You’re making the paycheck, and someone else is spending it on spa days, expensive shoes, and lux restaurants.

No, we’re not referring to your significant other.  We’re talking about identity theft, and the movie involving it, Identify Thief.

Come see the comedy that stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy at the Austin Moviehouse & Eatery.  Among other oddities, unsuspecting Sandy Bigelow’s credit cards are suddenly declined, and he is informed he is going on trial for a crime he never committed. He realizes his only hope to rescue his family’s finances lies in a road trip to Florida.  There he must chase and capture the woman who stole his identity, vigilante style, and bring her back to his state’s police to clear his name.  As soon as his meets her, he realizes he’s going to have a tougher time than he thought.

While you’re here, try our signature Chile-Dusted Steak Salad.  But use your own credit card, not someone else’s.