Get that warm tingly feeling when you’re in love? So does R.


Are you ready for a zombie romance? Because that’s what this novel-based movie is about. The paranormal and comedic Romeo and Juliet story will surely capture your mind and your heart.

After a zombie apocalypse, the world is just about lifeless. R (Nicholas Hoult) and his best friend M (Rob Corddry) roam the abandoned planet with the other zombies in search for something greater in life. After a strange course of events, R begins to fall in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer), a human survivor living amongst others of her kind. As their star-crossed relationship develops, Julie realizes that R is changing and appears to be becoming human again. Throughout a battle with her father and a fight for their love, their romance infects the other zombies as they begin to change in unexpected ways.

Come to the Austin Moviehouse & Eatery to see the infection yourself, and bring your significant other for a good time. If you don’t have one, don’t fret. I heard zombies are great companions and have warm bodies.