Gangster is a State of Mind


How far would you go to protect your partner in crime? In Val’s (Al Pacino’s) case, it was 28 long years.  After a heist that went bad, Val did the honorable thing and took the fall for his team.  However, he may have been better off behind bars.  On the day of his release from prison, his best friend and former partner Doc (Walken) arrives to pick him up, harboring more than the best intentions.  After previously getting into some hot water with a dangerous mob boss, Doc is assigned to shoot Val within 24 hours of picking him up.  While the last group member, Hirsch (Arkin), joins them for a carefree night of reliving their glory days, Doc races time to try and find an alternate solution that solves his problems – one that doesn’t involve killing his best friend.

This movie stars not one or two, but three former Academy Award winners:  Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin.  With such a talented cast and impressive critic reviews, we recommend you buy your tickets early at and come see it at the Moviehouse in Austin, Texas.  They’ll go fast.  Stand Up Guys is the ultimate test of friendship, and it leaves viewers wondering how far they would go for a friend.  Your bonds of friendship may not be as strong as theirs, and that’s ok.  At the very least, bring a friend or date that’s willing to share an appetizer or some popcorn.