Arnold is back in The Last Stand


What do a former California governor, an oscar winning actor, and a Jackass star have in common? Three words: The Last Stand.

This group of all stars including Schwarzenegger, Whitaker, and Knoxville make up the on-screen ensemble for what is sure to be the hardest hitting action movie of the century! Well, not really. And while it may not be hard hitting or high level, it is sure to be a lot of fun.

Arnold is back to the big screen in The Last Stand as the sheriff of a small border town with his motley crew of misfit deputies including Johnny Knoxville and Luis Guzman. When a Mexican drug cartel runner busts free of the feds and makes a break for the border, it’s up to Arnold and his boys to stop him.

The Moviehouse & Eatery at 620 proudly welcomes back Mr. Schwarzenegger to the Austin big screen. In fact, we’re so pumped that we are playing The Last Stand on our largest screen – the DFX. The Digital Fusion Experience theater is one of the biggest on the block and combines top tier projection technology with Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound. So you can hear all of the destruction boom out throughout the house and you won’t miss a bit of the action across the three story silver screen.

The studio system has promised the Moviehouse a plethora of awesome Arnold one-liners and many, many explosions. But if you’re still wondering whether or not you should see The Last Stand at the Moviehouse & Eatery consider this simple equation: Governator stopping drug runners + small town America + Johnny Knoxville acting a fool = pure awesome.

Get your tickets to see The Last Stand in Austin’s best movie theater the Moviehouse & Eatery at the Trails right here.