We will always admit Tina Fey.


For a student, getting into college takes intelligence, skill, and personality. For the university, it means that someone must accept and reject the talented students who apply. This adult comedy with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd shows that life can be more than a string of rejections, as it leads to the unexpected pursuit of happiness for more than one of the characters involved.

Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) loves her job as a Princeton University admissions officer and hopes for the great promotion that has just become available. But when visiting an alternative high school to find prospective freshman students, Portia reunites with former college classmate John Pressman (Paul Rudd), igniting romantic flames between them. John soon begins to suspect that one of his brightest but unconventional students may be the son that Portia gave up for secret adoption in college. Being faced with all these life-altering situations, Portia has to decide between the life she thought she always wanted and the surprising life and love she never even dreamed could be.

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