Hello Django.


“Django… The D is silent.”

The multi-faceted, super talented Jamie Foxx and director Quentin Tarantino, the auteur of cool, are back to the big screen this Christmas day with the southern period piece “Django Unchained”. This time Foxx is Django, a slave set free by the bounty hunter Dr. Schultz (played by German actor Christoph Waltz). The two set off on a campaign to find Django’s missing wife, meanwhile cleaning up the dirty south, ensuring that all slave owning plantation heads they run across don’t make it out of the movie alive. Or at least without shedding some blood across the screen.

Witness “Django Unchained” in all of its glory and brutality Christmas day at the Moviehouse in northwest Austin. Tarantino commented on the Christmas release date at the film’s premiere to the New York Times, “You spend some time with your family. You want to go to the movies and have a big experience. And I think our movie is definitely a big experience.” So after carving up that turkey roll and ripping open those presents take some time quality time with the family and see Django bring some folks to the woodshed at the Moviehouse & Eatery.

Get your tickets to see “Django Unchained” in Austin at the Moviehouse below.