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Cars 3

Cars 3 finds our favorite race car, Lightning McQueen, racing alongside some new talent. Specifically, Jackson Storm. When Lightning gets into a terrible wreck during a race, many of his fellow cars question whether he will continue to race. It doesn’t help that Lightning’s sponsor, Rust-eze, is bought out by Sterling, a car that doesn’t think Lightning can stay relevant in the racing world. Desperate to prove everyone wrong, Lightning begins training with Cruz Ramirez, who’s had racing dreams of her own.

Owen Wilson reprises his role as Lightning McQueen for the third film in the Cars series. Larry the Cable Guy also returns to voice Lightning’s tow truck best friend Mater. Jumanji actress Bonnie Hunt voices Lightning’s girlfriend Sally Carrera. The Social Network’s Armie Hammer lends his voice to Jackson Storm, Lightning’s younger, newer competitor. Nathan Fillion, best known for the TV shows Firefly and Castle plays Sterling. Writer/actress Cristela Alonzo, best known for her show Cristela voices Lightning’s trainer Cruz Ramirez. Two-time Golden Globe nominee Kerry Washington also lends her voice to the cast as Natalie Certain, an analyst for the Racing Sports Network.

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