Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon Austin


Citizens of Austin, what’s the one thing that’s longer and more intense than Frodo’s journey? This. Enjoy over 12 unforgettable hours featuring all three segments of Lord of the Rings in our limited, one-time marathon event.

We begin our adventure with the Fellowship of the Ring: an innocent hobbit journeying to the fire of Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord. Then, we continue with The Two Tours: Frodo and Sam’s quest to Mordor with the help of Gollum to make a stand against the hordes of Isengard. The marathon finishes dramatically with The Return of the King, where Aragorn leads the World of Men against Sauron’s army, distracting the dark lord’s gaze from Frodo and Sam on the doorstep of Mount Doom.

True fans will be thrilled, as the director, Peter Jackson, compliments each movie with a unique introduction. If ever Austin had the ideal location to view such a marathon, it’s right here at Moviehouse & Eatery. With three story screens, plush, luxurious recliners to relax in for the duration of the movie, and an unlimited array of food, beverage, and bar options for the full 12 hours, the only one struggling to make it through the 12 hours of movie time will be the Fellowship and Sauron’s army.

Buy your tickets now for the noon showing of this one-time event, Saturday, December 8th. Ticket prices (excluding food and drinks) are $ 24/person. Please note, your original seat reservations will last for the duration of trilogy, and there will be a 30 minute intermission between each movie.