Grand opening!


Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please…

We are proud to announce the grand opening of what will soon become known as the greatest moviegoing experience in Austin, The Moviehouse & Eatery!

We have worked hard these past few months to create the most phenomenal theatre space and movie-going experience for you. From the sheer size of the screens to the plushness of the recliners to the garnishes on our Cavatappi & Cheese dish (which is delicious by the way), we have put the time into the details.

For those of you just tuning in, we are Austin’s premiere movie theater. We call ourselves the Moviehouse & Eatery. Why? Well, because we show movies and offer a full service kitchen and bar to put it simply. But we really are much more than that. We’re an experience. Since it will be the first time for many of you to have this experience we have outlined how we operate in the paragraphs below:

Upon arrival to the theater you’ll find the main entrance beside the ticket booth. Inside you can venture to your left and find the concession stand and traditional theater experience as well as the DFX (giant 3D capable screen with 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound). To the right from the main entrance you will find our bar/lounge area and a hallway to our Director’s Choice (dine-in) theaters that feature large, plush recliners and full bar and kitchen service.

In the dine-in theater you can press the red button on the armrest to call a member of the always courteous wait staff at any time. Then- voila!- you’ll have a fresh, made-from-scratch meal crafted up by our own Chef Brandon Hanna.

The Movie House and Eatery is not a new player in the movie theater game. We are actually playing a whole different game entirely. A game where the premium experience doesn’t come with the premium price tag. A game where the food is cooked when it’s ordered with a little style and a lot of love. A game where every choice just makes the movies better-

Ok, ok, enough with the soapbox.

This Friday, November 9th, come on out to the brand new Moviehouse and Eatery to experience the movies like you never have before!