A Date with Ryan Gosling


We looked up the definition of romance.  Sure enough, it’s just a photo of Ryan Gosling.  For all you ladies – we have some great news.  We’re putting Crazy, Stupid, Love(ly) back on the big screen so you can get one last view of those Photoshopped abs in their high definition, theater screen-sized glory.

We’ll be hosting “A Date with Ryan Gosling” Wednesday the 13th, the day before Valentine’s day at 7pm. This way, if you’re already spoken for on Valentine’s day itself, you can enjoy an evening with Ryan without your other date ever knowing.  If you’re single, well, let’s just say the best thing about Valentine’s day isn’t attacking the convenience stores for discounted chocolate candy the day after anymore.  It’s this.  As we all know, ladies are better at planning romantic dates anyway.  So why not plan your own? Enjoy a night where you can ditch the heels, grab a friend, and shamelessly gawk together.

Tickets are $12, and a tasty, complimentary Valentine’s treat will be included with each ticket purchase! This year, ditch the Kleenex, and don’t bother to buy yourself a box of chocolates.  We guarantee you’ll get your fill of eye candy right here.